Somerville Parade History

The first St. Patrick’s Day Parade on record in Somerville was held in 1984. It began at Duke Island Park and traveled to downtown Somerville. The parade remained like this for several years until the organization could no longer continue. The original parade had co-grand marshals: Tom Lavin, the founder of the local division of the AOH and Msgr. John Torney the pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Bernardsville.

In 1991 a new committee formed and held its first parade the following year. Its new route began and commenced on Main Street in Somerville, making it much more appealing to both bands and spectators. Over the years, many people have helped coordinate the parade. To view the current parade committee and some significant past contributors click here.Each year the parade committee elects a person to be the Grand Marshal of the Somerville Saint Patrick’s Parade. This honor is awarded to a member of the community that has had a significant positive social impact on the community as a whole, and who exhibits a good representation of Christian values. To see a list of the distinguished individuals who have been honored click here.

The committee is entirely made up of volunteers who dedicate numerous hours during the year in order to keep the parade operating for future years. We are always in search of enthusiastic hard-working volunteers to serve on the committee or assist with operations on Parade Day.

Currently the parade is co-chaired by Larry Doyle (the parade announcer and long-time member) and Ken Greig.

In recent years, the parade committee has obtained key corporate sponsors which have allowed our organization to expand the number of paid entertainment participation. In 2010, given the difficulties seen throughout the state at other parades, the Somerville Parade Committee adopted a motto which sums up our expectations for the parade, participants and spectators; The Somerville Parade is a free family friendly event. This motto guides our decisions and allows our sponsors to know that they are participating in something positive for the community. Each year, we strive to improve the parade for our spectators, participants and sponsors.

Celebrating its 28th anniversary in 2019, the parade has surged in popularity with attendance jumping from 15,000 to 20,000 in recent years. We credit our success to our parade remaining a family friendly event with a variety of high quality participants. We look forward to future years of parade excellence in Central Jersey.


Ken Greig

Larry Doyle
(908) 231-8643


Bill Rose

Committee Members

Larry Doyle
Rosaleen Farrell
Jim Farmar
Jim Gilroy
Barry Goldan
Liz Goldan
Ken Greig
Renee Hoy
Derek Kirby
Tom Lenahan
Pat Mannion
Kevin Majewski
Leigh McLachlan
Rob O’Donnell
Mary Ann Reh
Cliff Roberts
Bill Rose
Bruce VanArsdale

Retired Members

Robert Canavan (RIP)
Marty Collins
William T. Cooper Sr.
Roy Gunzelman III
Msng. Daniel Herlihy
Neil Mahoney
Joe Simmons Sr. (RIP)
Barney Sloan (RIP)

Honorary Members

Brian Gallagher
Frank McAleavy
Hugh McAleavy
Sean Decker
Marc Pellegrino
Kris Williams

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